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Pink Lemonade

In the heat of summer a fresh lemonade is one of the best drinks to […]

Cereal Killer

If you are curiously craving for a nice cereal flavour with a dash of sugar […]

Black Jack

Black Jack has a strong fear against anything with white colour – you will feel […]


At the Battle of Camlann, King Arthur had been heavily wounded fighting against Mordred, he […]

Apple Pie

A buttery crust surrounding juicy, sweet apples. A hint of cinnamon. The fresh scent wafting […]


The crownless king of forest fruits meets the ultimate creaminess in this uniquely blended flavour. […]

The Snow Queen

Snow Queen is an authentic tobacco Menthol. Designed, again, as an all day vape it has many layers, […]

Crow Black

Crow Black is a complex pudding vape inspired by the Indian Pudding Rasmalai. Sweet and creamy with pistachio, almonds and the merest hint of cardamom to […]

Bread of Heaven

Bread of Heaven is a delightfully complex eLiquid; The ultimate ADV (all day vape). It subtly combines sweet dessert, dried fruit and citrus notes with a very mild tobacco to […]

Sands of Time

A sweet/citrus flavour balanced with a floral overtone and a touch of cream

Tmax Juices / Snake Oil
Snake Oil

A delicate balance of mild anise and citrus flavours, with a refreshing exhale Good for […]

The Berry Tune

A blast of juicy blackberries and blackcurrant, underpinned by a smooth yet light eucalyptus.There’s flavour […]

Candy Frost

Taking you back to your childhood when frosted candy was everywhere! A Super sweet strawberry […]

Bubblegum Bliss

This rich combo of your favorite bubblegum chew and refreshing minty vape will have you […]

Watermelon Mint

Watermelon Mints is finally here! A fresh watermelon inhale with a wave of refreshing spearmint, […]

The Cherry Tune

With beautiful juicy cherry’s and undertones of sweet eucalyptus, this supreme flavor will have your […]

Strawberry Milk

Think Milkshake, Think Scotts. We don’t even need to explain the beautiful flavors to sell […]

Strawberry Cream

Our Strawberry cream packs a creamy smooth custard with a subtle tone of strawberry! If […]

Pinko Lemonado

A highly refreshing lemonade made from the juice of pink lemons…which is hardly surprising given […]

Doughnut Dream

A sweet glazed raspberry doughnut leaving your mouth watering and your batteries on the low, […]

Custard Cream High Nicotine

excellent creamy custard biscuit flavor with a more dominant throat hit!

Sweet Spot

Our most exotic fresh fruits surprise. This one will absolutely satisfy your sweet spot and […]

Strawberry Delight

Fresh juicy strawberries with a soft creamy blend. A tasty treat jam-packed with remarkable flavour.

Lemon Dream

Our luscious lemon treasure, a light fluffy sponge with a fresh tantalizing citrus zest, baked […]

Cola Burst

Our unique cola e-juice is bursting with the most refreshing taste taking you back to […]

Cherry Tart

A deep filled sweet pastry crust, stuffed with delicious almonds. Fresh cherries, finished with sweet […]

Havano Gold

Havano gold is an expertly blended combination of two naturally extracted Corojo tobaccos. We take […]

Havano Dark

Our Havano Dark uses natural tobacco flavourings (NET) which are derived from the Dominican Criollo […]

Shade Reserva

The Reserva Shade E-Liquid uses naturally derived North American Shade Tobacco flavourings. The liquid is […]


Our Perique E-Liquid blend uses the distinctive Perique tobacco grown exclusively on one small piece […]